Small Company Loan Application Example

Small Company Loan Application Example

If you should be about to begin your own personal small company, or currently very very own one, it is likely you will have to raise money for extra income sooner or later. a typical method of doing this really is to secure a company loan from the bank or other loan company. To be able to secure financing, you need to research things you need in order to use and exactly just just what typical errors to avoid.

The company application for the loan instance below will allow you to realize and prepare the data you will need when applying likely for the loan.

Company Loan Application Example

Brand New Union Branch:_____________________

Current Union Officer:__________________


  • Company Name_______________________________________
  • Address_____________________________________________
  • Telephone ( )______________ Tax I.D.____________
  • Specific Name(s)__________________________________
  • Address_____________________________________________
  • Phone ( )_______Social protection #_______Date of
  • Birth:_____
  • Proprietorship______ Partnership______Sub-Chapter S_______ Corporation_____________ Non-Profit________ Individual_________ LLC_________

Ownership circulation: (List stockholders, lovers, owner names) Note: Attach sheet that is separate additional area required.

  • Name__________Title________# of Years______%___ SS#_____
  • Name________Title________# of Years_________%___SS#_________
  • Name________Title________# of Years_________%___SS#_________

Nature of Business__________________Year Established_______ Range Employees________

Bank of Account______________Account Number_____________

Credit Relationships: Please offer information on your organization credit relationships below:

Original Loan Amount____________Maturity____________
Name of Creditor_____________Purpose of Loan___________
Amount___________Presently Owing________________
Repayment Terms______________Date_______________


Quantity of Loan Requested______________ Type of loan_________

  • Years at the moment Location_________[ ] Own[ ] Lease
  • Accountant__________Telephone ( )
  • Insurance Coverage Agent____________Telephone ( )
  • Attorney_____________Telephone ( )


  • [ ]Line of Credit
  • [ ]Term Loan
  • [ ]Company
  • [ ]Home Equity
  • [ ]Commercial Real Estate

Requested term of loan:___________________

  • Particular Loan Purpose (Check all of that apply)
  • [ ] Other
  • [ ] Refinance Existing Loan or Debts
  • [ ] Finance buy of Business
  • [ ] Finance buy of property
  • [ ] Finance Buy Gear
  • [ ] Finance buy of stock
  • [ ] Working Capital

Collateral Available* (Check all that apply)

*Collateral: Loans tend to be secured by security, that will be property for which a safety interest is provided to secure repayment associated with the loan. The mortgage security can sometimes include company assets, shares, bonds, certificates of build up, or individual assets. Give consideration to (1) the worthiness associated with loan security must certanly be add up to or higher than the total amount of the mortgage, (2) anticipated financial lifetime of security will likely to be considered by the lender in assessing the collateral offered when it comes to loan, (3) formal security appraisals can be needed, and (4) a pledge of individual assets can be needed as extra security when it comes to company loan required.

[ ] Guarantors** (Please list)

**Guarantors: For included borrowers, guarantees of owner(s) is normally needed, unless guaranteed by Bank deposits or marketable security. A sole proprietorship, and/or partnership, the Bank may require all parties to pledge collateral if personal assets are in joint names.


Please offer a history that is brief of business, future plans, and projections, and explain your products or services and/or solutions and competition.


If you’ve held it’s place in your current company at under five years, please describe your business that is previous experience. (Add business back ground, administration experience, and training, or add a resume.)

  • Name__________Social Protection #_________________
  • Address__________________________________ Name___________________Social Protection #________________ Address__________________________________ Name___________________Social Protection #________________ Address__________________________________
  • [ ] Personal Assets (As described in Personal Financial Statement.)
  • [ ] Cash on Deposit at (name of bank) Branch Account #
  • [ ] Real Estate (Please attach property target, appropriate description and a duplicate of all recent goverment tax bill.) Square Feet Acres
  • [ ] Specific Equipment (Please attach equipment list, including serial figures or description of gear, and invoices for brand new gear.)
  • [ ] All Assets (accounts receivable, stock, equipment and gear)


The undersigned certifies that, to your most readily useful of their knowledge and belief, all information found in this application for the loan plus in the accompanying statements and papers does work, complete, and proper. The agrees that are undersigned alert the financial institution straight away of every product alterations in these records. It really is further agreed that, set up loan herein sent applications for is authorized, the undersigned will probably pay or reimburse the financial institution when it comes to expenses, if any, of studies, title or home loan exams, appraisals, etc., done by non-Bank workers utilizing the permission of this applicant. The authorizes which are undersigned Bank to get hold of any bank and trade creditors it deems necessary without further notice, including, although not restricted to, Dunn & Bradstreet reports or information from TRW Credit information.

  • Business Name (print):
  • Applicant Signature: Date:
  • Applicant Title:
  • Guarantor(s) Signature: Date:
  • Guarantor(s) Signature: Date:


Please be sure every one of the documentation that is following been incorporated into purchase for your needs application for the loan become prepared.

  • [ ] Business Application For The Loan
  • [ ] Accountant-Prepared Business Financial Statements (revenue and Loss, Balance Sheet) for the previous three financial years
  • [ ] Business Federal tax statements for previous three years that are fiscal
  • [ ] Interim Financial Statements (if available)
  • [ ] Most current Federal Tax Returns for every principal owner listed in the 1st area of the business enterprise application for the loan
  • [ ] Personal Financial Record
  • [ ] Organizational Papers (Articles, dba documents, etc.)
  • [ ] DIFFERENT:

Bank Application For The Loan Review Example
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