“Be the parent who you needed when you were young”

There is no job more important than the job of being a parent. As parents we are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors and providers for our children.

Whether we are parenting together or separately, It is so important that we remember that we will always be partners in parenting. No matter how old your children get you will always be their parent and they will always look to both parents to be there for them.

One of the most important things in parenting is communication. Having a parenting plan and having discussions about what parenting means to each of you is very important. I think this is a conversation that should not only happen before having children, it is definitely a conversation that should be ongoing.




  • Be consistent and responsive to your young child’s needs.
  • Be supportive and set limits with older children.
  • Help your child develop problem solving skills.
  • Boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence.
  • Don’t just tell them what not to do, teach and show them what they should do
  • Never disagree about discipline in front of the children.
  • Remember that discipline is not punishment.
  • Pick your battles.
  • Love your children equally, but treat them uniquely.

 Tips on handling parenting challenges:

  • What are the issues that I am struggling with?
  • What is the causing the struggle?
  • How am I currently handling the situation?
  • What’s working and what is not working?
  • How does my child respond to my approach?
  • What have you tried to resolve the problem?
  • Do I have any friend or family members that are struggling with the same issue?

Where to find help:

Start with your support system. Check with your friends and family members, they are usually filled with plethora of knowledge. Learning through their experience is invaluable.

Check with your local Community centres. They are usually filled with helpful resources such as mom groups, groups for the kids etc.

Books are also a great source of information

Online resources. The internet is an amazing place to find an extensive amount of information. They are countless websites, forums, articles and blogs that you can use.

Good Reads…..

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Mothers, it’s time to view the unconditional trust that you see in your children’s eyes when they take your hand or find your face in a crowd as a mirror of your own wonder and worth. You are the light that shines in their lives, the beacon that guides them. By implementing the key strategies in Dr. Meeker’s book, you can be happy, hopeful, and a wonderful role model. You can teach your children to be the very best they can be—and isn’t that still the most precious reward of motherhood?



“In order to be in your children’s memories tomorrow you will need to be present in their lives today”

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